Top 10 NFL YouTube Channels for Football and Fun

The offseason is coming to an end as organized team activities (OTAs) and minicamps are wrapping up.  The start of NFL training camp is about a month away and we know you can't wait!

Our favorite NFL players never fail to amuse us and YouTube enables us to replay the funniest moments over and over.  We gathered some of our favorite YouTube channels for football and a good laugh.  The following list provides StuYah's Top 10 YouTube Channels for football and fun:

Bad Lip Reading 

Bad Lip Reading delivers epic NFL videos that are hilarious.  The original NFL Bad Lip Reading is our favorite.

Comedy Central: Key & Peele

Comedy Central's Key & Peele provide very funny football videos on a consistent basis.  Not quite NFL but football x funny = made the list. Our favorite video is the East/West College Bowl 2.

Dude Perfect

Dude Perfect offers entertaining videos for anyone that likes sports and comedy.  Our favorite video is the NFL Kicking Edition.

Jimmy Kimmel Live

Jimmy Kimmel is currently providing hilarious NBA Finals videos, for instance: http://tinyurl.com/on4plr2 Kimmel also has some entertaining NFL content.  Our favorite video is I am a Locker Room Guy.

Fox Sports

Fox Sports' YouTube Channel provides the NFL content that fans are hungry for.  Our favorite video features Richard Sherman and Tom Brady: You Mad?

Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live has delivered comical content for a very long time.  Our favorite video show NFL Intros.

EA Sports

Whether you are a gamer or not you have to appreciate what EA Sports and Madden has continued to deliver since 1988.  Our favorite video shows Kevin Hart battling Dave Franco on Madden 15.  

TYT Sports

TYT Sports offers the most dynamic sports channel on YouTube.  Our favorite video shows the Top 5 Biggest Fails in Super Bowl History.


Nationwide welcomes Peyton Manning to the Nation.  You gotta love the Jingle because, "Nothing beats that new car smell."


How can we have a Top 10 list of NFL channels on YouTube without including the NFL's official YouTube channel.  Our favorite video shows Super Bowl XLIX: Patriots vs. Seahawks highlights.


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