Top 10 Creative Soccer/Football YouTube Channels

Soccer is trending as usual.  From the FIFA scandal to the potential expansion of Major League Soccer throughout additional parts of the United States, soccer season is in full swing.  It is rather easy to upload soccer highlights to YouTube these days.  Although I greatly enjoy watching highlights, sometimes I need more in order to fulfill my entertainment needs.

The channels that made this list have implemented creativity in order to ensure that soccer remains the most popular sport in the world.  These channels deliver high quality content on a consistent basis and we must inform them of how much we appreciate their time and effort.  Here is a list of our 10 favorite innovative YouTube Soccer Channels:


freekickerz is one of the most creative channels on YouTube.  Our favorite video shows a montage of the best free kicks: Ronaldo vs. Messi.


STRskillSchool teaches viers football skills, amazing tricks and more.  Our favorite video shows insane street football skills in Panna London with Séan Garnier.

Red Bull

Red Bull's Channel is certain to keep your 'stoke factor' at an all-time high.  Our favorite video shows a juggling battle between Hachim Mastown and Neymar Jr.


The F2 Freestylers, Billy Wingrove and Jeremy Lynch present best match-play tutorials, live performances and more on their YouTube Channel.  Our favorite video proves that size doesn't matter.

Real Madrid C.F.

Real Madrid C.F.'s YouTube Channel offers great content consistently.  Our favorite video shows Gareth Bale score an incredible goal against Barcelona.

U.S. Soccer

U.S. Soccer's YouTube Channel offers interviews, press conferences and behind-the-scene features on their YouTube channel.  Our favorite video shows Will Ferrell crashing #FanHQ in Recife.

FC Barcelona 

FC Barcelona's YouTube Channel features a great collection of very entertaining videos.  Our favorite video shows Messi juggling vs. Neymar Jr.

Studio C

Studio C reminds us that soccer is a fun sport where hilarious mishaps often take place.  Our favorite video shows Scott Sterling and in an epic penalty kick shootout.

Nike Soccer

Nike Soccer's YouTube Channel delivers innovative content on a consistence basis.  The Last Game is our favorite video.


GoPro delivers unique and entertaining footage on a consistent basis.  Our favorite video is Office Soccer.

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